Fundraising Ideas

We all know that asking for money from friends and family does not come easily to many of us. Even having a worthy cause to support doesn’t always alleviate the discomfort. Have you considered trying something a little different to help you reach your fundraising goal?

Here are some examples of fundraising initiatives that you can take on individually or as a team.

Have some fun and get some competitive team spirit going with some of these unique ideas.

Fundraising Ideas

Garage sale

Garage SaleOrganize a garage sale. Gather up all the things cluttering your garage, attic, and basement and have friends do the same. Set up some tables in front of your house and host a SALE! You can then sell the items to raise funds for your HerQuest for Hospice team supporting the Townsend Smith Foundation.

Give It Up

Give It UpA “Give-It-Up” campaign asks participants to give up an indulgence for a certain amount of time and put the money toward your team fundraising goal. This indulgence can be something as simple as a daily latte, a weekly trip to the movies, or a fast food visit. Instead of spending money on these expenses you and your teammates can set this money aside in a jar for a determined period of time and tally it up in the end.

Virtual House Party

Virtual House PartyYou’ve probably hosted a few house parties in your day. Why not organize a virtual party to raise funds for your HerQuest for Hospice Team? Guests can pay an “entry fee” to enjoy good food, good music, and friendly conversation. You can even consider creating a theme night or even a game night for an added layer of fun. A virtual party also gives you a great opportunity to explain to people why you’re raising funds.

Bottle Drive

Bottle DriveCollect returnable bottles and cans in your neighbourhood and encourage friends and family to do the same.

Plant Sale

Plant SaleA plant sale is really easy to organize and a great excuse for keen gardeners to get together and raise money for charity. This will allow everyone time to sow extra seeds, take cuttings, pot stuff on and anything else necessary to have some spare plants for the sale.

Swear Jar

Swear JarSwear jar. It happens to everyone… but now when you swear, you’ll have to pay the piper! Put a swear jar in your home or workplace and collect $1 for every swear word that crosses your lips.

Bake Sale

Bake SaleWhy not put a new twist on an old classic and host an online bake sale as a quick and easy fundraising idea? Set up your online bake sale and post pictures and prices of the baked goods for all to see. When an item is sold, the baker will be notified and will pack up and ship the goodies. You raise money for your organization, and your donors get something to satisfy their sweet cravings.

In Lieu of Gifts

Bake SaleBirthday gifts. It’s a very simple way to collect donations, not to mention saving your friends the trouble of spending endless hours shopping to find you a gift. In lieu of a gift, ask them to donate to your campaign page!